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A girl was walking home one day by Lucia - B1 level

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Postato il: 18/05/21
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A girl was walking home one day…

By Lucia Rosetti- B1 level


A girl was walking home one day. It was a dark and rainy day, and the girl, a young sweet girl whose name was Elisa, was thinking about what she had done during the day. 

Immersed in her thoughts, suddenly, she heard a strange sound coming from the street opposite theirs, so she went to see what it could be. To her surprise, she fell into a hole and found herself in a dark and hideous wood. Scared and curious, she decided to look around. 

While she was walking, she realized that she was in another historical period, it was the 1500s! She saw many painters of that period, including Leonardo and Michelangelo. But, as she was about to approach and ask them some questions, she heard someone call her name, 'Elisa, wake up!' She opened up her eyes and understood she had had only a dream.


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