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A jungle adventure by Stefano - B1 level

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Postato il: 13/05/21
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A Jungle Adventure

Stefano Bianchi B1

Tom and Jim are two tribe experts. Before this expedition, they had often made journeys to dangerous places, but it had always gone well. 

On May 18th Jim and Tom left together for Brazil to meet the local tribes. They arrived by boat to the port of Rio, from the port they toured the forests of Brazil with a car.

They had completed half of the journey when the car’s wheel broke, so Jim and Tom decided to walk along the river. They spent the worst day of their lives, they were hungry and exhausted. 

They walked for a long time, but they met no one. They had been walking for two hours when they met a crocodile on their way. They ran away but it was faster, the crocodile was about to catch them.

Suddenly, someone made a terrible noise, which scared the crocodile, who stopped following the two men. It  was the chief of the tribe! 

That night they were guests at the tent of the tribe, they ate good food and they slept very well. 

The next day the men restarted their trip and finally they arrived at the port.

Tom and Jim won’t ever forget this trip!


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