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A special reason by Chiara - B2 level

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Postato il: 11/05/21
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A special reason                                                   

By Chiara Di Muro- B2 level


Kate had a very special reason for getting up early the next day, so she set the alarm for 5 am.  Earlier she prepared a small bag where she put a couple of sandwiches and some water. Kate was so excited she almost ran to school.  She was going on a school trip! 


As Kate arrived at school, she immediately got on the bus and sat next to her classmate. They reached their first destination- a huge museum.  While they toured the place, they had a tourist guide that told them about its history. Then, they went to a park to have lunch. She was enjoying her time.   


The last stop was the city aquarium. Kate was taking some photos of the dolphins when suddenly she stepped on someone’s foot. To her astonishment, it was an old friend of hers, who she had met on a summer camp, ten years ago. They talked for a while about how they were doing, and then they sadly said goodbye.  


Finally, Kate reached her city late but her family was patiently waiting for her. As she got off the bus, she sent a quick message to her old friend saying: "Jim, it’s lovely to see you again. Please, keep in touch!" 



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