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Stella by Fabiano - B2 level

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Postato il: 08/05/21
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By Fabiano- B2 level


I picked up the phone and heard: “It’s Stella. I must see you at once!” When the phone rang, I had been working on my final thesis at the University. But as soon as I heard the name Stella, I got in my car and drove fast to my old school to understand what was happening.

When I arrived, I called Stella back to know where she was, but nobody picked up the phone. I drove several times around the school, but no one was there, it was Sunday after all. 

When I got back to my flat, I was nervous. I didn't know why Stella, my elementary teacher, had called. After five minutes somebody rang the doorbell. It was Stella and her hands were trembling. In them was a textbook, my old textbook! 

With a frightened voice, she said: “Fabiano, under an old locker, I found your textbook and in it, was a letter from Jon Smith of fifteen years ago.  It was my dad's. How was it possible when he’d died five years prior?"



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