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The pink bag by Eleonora - B2 level

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Postato il: 10/05/21
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The pink bag

By Eleonora D’Alascio  - B2 level


Mary got off the bus and realized she was holding the wrong bag. How could she have taken someone else's expensive, pink bag instead of hers? She knew she would be late for her work appointment with her new boss. To make matters worse, inside her bag, there were important documents that she needed to show her!  

At that bus stop, in the middle of a huge city like London, everyone could have her bag. Sadly, she didn't notice who was sitting next to her. It felt like there were hundreds of people surrounding her! 

Quite unexpectedly, the bag started ringing, so Mary hurriedly opened it. She took the phone and saw her telephone number. She didn't hesitate to answer as she was very curious. She heard a friendly but worried lady speaking: "Hi, I think we've exchanged our bags, let's meet at King's Road." Mary replied: "Ok, see you there".  

When she arrived at King's Road, a lady was standing at the bus stop holding her bag. Mary quickly approached and happily introduced herself to her. She was astonished because the lady was her new boss!


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